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About ZEROraid
About ZEROraid

We are here to develop solutions that will meet everything you need, a software solution that will lift your business system up and make your work easier and prosperous, a solution that is made from scratch, fully tested, perfectly matched, and customized to your defined requirements. There is a wide spectrum of activities that the custom software development process consists of but with management skills we group them in a way that has proven to be both effective and efficient.


Web Applications

We at ZEROraid, have a very well-coordinated and dynamic delivery team who can perfectly harmonize the advanced, scalable solutions to make your business stand apart from the crowd.

Starting from building the digital establishment for your business to incorporating the best engineering productivity tools and practices into your software platform - we do it all with the utmost efficiency.

Web Design

Beyond design, your website must perform as well as it looks. Our development team identifies content that changes on a consistent basis and builds your website so that you can manage routine updates with ease.

With years of industry experience, our development process enables us to deliver a refined website that is rock-solid.


Let ZEROraid maintain and host your website so you can focus on running your business. We’ll ensure that your website is always running optimally, free of bugs and viruses, and current with the latest software updates and patches.

With both secure web hosting and site maintenance options, we’re here to ensure your website is always up and running at peak performance post-launch.

Digital signage

Digital signage is a network of customizable displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible.

Digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes including customer facing and employee facing applications such as advertising, enhancing customer or employee experiences, influencing audience behavior, brand building, entertainment, security, interactive kiosks, creating corporate communities, etc. Deployments can be found in such diverse locations as retail outlets, transit hubs, doctor’s offices, fast food restaurants, corporate campuses, sports venues and even gas service stations.

Custom Software

ZEROraid provides custom software development services to a broad range of clients to solve their most complex Project challenges. We provide frontend and backend software development with a core focus area on UI engineering.

We believe high-quality digital products are a combination of both thoughtful design and high-performance engineering and work hard to unify them to create quality digital experiences.

Mobile Development

NMG creates native, hybrid and interactive mobile apps for businesses with complex goals and challenges - across platforms and devices.

Our mobile interfaces are focused to portray a visual language to your customers, synthesizing the classic principles of good design with technology – at the same time cross functional, that reduces cost of development, offering an experience that is attractive, consistent, and functional both for your end customer and company managers.